303 Indoor And Outdoor Fabric Guard – 16 Oz.



Repels water from your outdoor furniture

  • Prevents mold and mildew, giving your fabrics a longer, fuller life
  • Resists soils and stain, keeping your indoor and outdoor furniture pristine
  • Protects fabrics from fading by helping them maintain colorfastness
  • These products are recommended by Sunbrella Fabrics and are suitable for any outdoor fabric
303 Indoor and Outdoor Fabric Guard keeps your outdoor patio perpetually guest-ready and helps protect your favorite indoor fabrics. Its patented formula
allows you to guard your fabrics, carpet, and upholstery against all manner of spills and stains. Simply apply the fabric guard to newly cleaned,
dry fabrics in a crisscross pattern, and let dry for 6 to 12 hours. Then watch as the product restores the lost water and stain repellency of your
fabrics to factory new levels. 303 Indoor and Outdoor Fabric Guard comes highly recommended by Sunbrella, one of the leading names in outdoor fabrics.